• Rice, dip and mixed vegetables
  • Grilled meat and salad on the side
  • Two burritos and fries
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About us

While still maintaining the traditional flavors and dishes of Tex-Mex, Poblano’s set forth to revolutionize and create the perfect menu that was different from the competition.

The menu included many new items, never before seen in the area, such as our popular Guacamole Casero which translates to homemade guacamole.

With many chain restaurants sprouting around local communities, Poblano’s set to differentiate its service as well. While many chain restaurants provide a scripted service, Poblano’s provides a relaxed home-like environment, where every customer feels like family. Since its initiation in 2004, Poblano’s has expanded to Martinez and Lawrenceville Georgia, where the same delicious food is served.